Beinn Dearg September 2003

Date: Saturday 6th September 2003
Participants: Us
Weather: Claggy start, clearing to lovely
Distance: 16km
Ascent: 1100m

Looking back 14 years and I wonder why we picked this walk. I have no qualms about the quality of the hill – we’ve revisited a few times. We hadn’t yet succumbed to any of our transient spells of bagging so the fact that it’s a Corbett isn’t discrepant, but, for the life of me I can’t remember what inspired us to tackle what is one of Scotland’s best Corbetts.

We had spent Friday night in Glen Affric, so it was mid-morning arriving in Torridon.

Already a lovely day we parked up to take a picture of Beinn Damh and watched an otter feeding on the shoreline (somewhere in this picture from a camera with no real zoom capacity).

Parked at the Beinn Alligin car park and headed up the glen – frogs abound:

Beinn Dearg is the foreground at the start of the walk:

We headed along Coire Mhic Nobuil. The weather closed in a little. We headed as far as Loch Grobaig before taking a curving ascent N and then NW up Carn na Feola.

Liathach was a little misted:

It cleared as we got to the summit of Can na Feola. Beinn Dearg is well seen from here:

Liathach was beginning to clear:

We bypassed the scrambling on deer paths above Loch a Choire Mhoir – I remember those being a little too precipitous for my liking.

Once we’d bypassed the scramble the summit was easil accessed with fine views.

Beinn an Eoin and Baosbheinn:

Beinn Dearg’s ridge:

Beinn Alligin clearing:

Continued along to Stuc Loch na Cabhaig – nice views back to the north side of Beinn Dearg (a future camp site):

The hills around would be a novel playground for years to come. Beinn a Chearcaill:

Beinn Eighe:

Descended off Stuc Loch na Cabhaig – it may be recommended but it’s not a great route, being rather steep.

We had a nice rainbow fragment towards Beinn an Eoin:

Dropped back down between Beinn Dearg and Na Rathanan – always a pleasure.

A pleasant Torridon amble back to the car.

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