Ciste Dhubh from the Cluanie Inn. 8th May 2005

Date: Wednesday 18th May 2005
Distance: 11km
Ascent: 800m

After our week in Glen Affric we shifted round for a week based in Shiel Bridge. Not as good a week weather wise, but still with a lot of walking. The best day was the Wednesday and we drove along to the Cluanie Inn for a shorter walk up Ciste Dhubh.

Parked up shortly after sunrise, with the munro sunlit to the north.

Ciste Dhubh from Cluanie Inn

Headed up the glen with the surrounding hills bathed in sunshine, I always find it irksome to be in the shade looking at sunny hills.

Creag a Mhaim from Cluanie Inn

Headed up An Caorann Beag, eventually in the sunshine at Bealach a Choinich, heading due north up Ciste Dhubh. Behind us the Corbett Am Bathach which we’d bypassed.

Am Bathach from Ciste Dhubh

Easy walking terrain and nice to be in the sun. The Cluanie Inn was lit in sunshine by this point.

Cluanie Inn and Creag a Mhaim from Ciste Dhubh

Although a short walk for the single munro the geology is rather impressive.

Ciste Dhubh ridge

To the south Ben Nevis peeked out above Creag a Mhaim.

Ciste Dhubh ridge and the Ben back

To the SW Coire nan Eun runs up to the Brother’s Ridge between Aonach Meadhoinand Sgurr a Bhealaich Dheirg.

N Shiel ridge from Ciste Dhubh

Approaching the summit, to the north the remote Munro Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan was on view, I was still trying to work out how to visit that one.

Sgurr Nan Ceathreamhnan from Ciste Dhubh

H was playing catch up, nice day for me to stand around and wait. πŸ˜‰

H Creag a Mhaim and the Ben

Up to the summit and a break for some food. A rather characterful little hill. 14 years later and still not revisited!

Summit view to Ben Nevis

Started back to the car – despite being an easy summer walk the hill has dramatic looks.

Ciste Dhubh cliff face

Then back the way we’d come, probably should have returned via Am Bathach but we had been rather active for the previous 10 days.

Ciste Dhubh from glen walk out

Nice hill – really should revisit one of these days.

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