Fiskavaig to Preshal Beg. 2nd September 2007

Date: Sunday 2nd September 2007
Distance: 17.2km
Ascent: 660m

A week’s holiday on Skye – these didn’t yield a lot of great hill days over a few years. Staying in Fiskavaig, and with high winds forecast at altitude, we decided to walk from our accommodation south across to Talisker and then on to Preshal Beag.

We’d read about Preshal Beag as having hexagonal basalt columns, similar to Staffa. Sounded a good walk for a windy day.

View from Fiskavaig

There’s a track, then path running over from Fiskavaig to Talisker, dropping down to the Bay gives a nice view of Preshal Mor.

Preshal Mor and Talisker

Headed across the bay and then climbed uphill on the west side of the Sleadale Burn. Quickly got good views of the bay again.

Talisker Bay

Started up the slopes of Biod Ruadh, the terrain was a little tussocky, but not too bad.

H above Talisker Bay

Preshal Mor is actually a nose of Stockval, further east – looks like a good walk some day.

Preshal Mor from high ground

Crossed the high ground over to Preshal Beg.

Preshal Beg

Quite an impressive bit of geology.

Columns of Preshal Beg

K on Preshal Beag

Had a wee explore, and a break for lunch before getting going to head back.

Columns of Preshal Beg

We had a bit of a view to the Small Isles, but for most of the day the high hills and islands were cloud-obscured.

Rum and Canna from Preshal Beg

Headed back to Talisker via the Broch marked on the OS.

K on Broch

Preshal Mor from broch

H at broch

Back down to Talisker and then over the hill to Fiskavaig. It clouded in and began to rain on the way back. Nice wee explore, not an area we’ve had many walks on.

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