Scenic Route to An Ruadh-Stac. September 2007.

Date: 10th September 2007
Distance: 21km
Ascent: 1100m

Spent the last 2 weeks on hols on Skye and Torridon, weather unfortunately was average for summer 2007 but we still had a fine time, although photographically unsatisfactory.

The standard approach to this Corbett (and the Munro Maol Chean Dearg) is from Coulags up the glen there, which is the shortest approach, but I’d argue not the best.

We walked in from Annat NG 894 544 on the public right of way through to Coulags. The path is very well constructed and leads easily over about 8km to the bealach between An-Ruadh Stac and Maol Chean Dearg giving changing views of the major hills of Torridon and the Coulin Forest.

Info boards at the start indicate that the Ben Damph Estate recognises the route for access in Stalking season without restriction (got no answer from their telephone numbers when checking).

Kicked off near noon with some sunshine at Annat great views of Upper Loch Torridon, Beinn Alligin and Liathach.

The path follows the slanting plates of Beinn na h-Eaglaise developing great views of Liathach behind.

Across to Sgorr nan Lochan Uaine and Sgurr Dubh (nearly swam up there on the Sunday past).

Path curves south to Loch an Eion and splits L to Bealach na Lice and R round the W of Maol Chean Dearg.

We tracked W round Maol Chean Dearg with new views of Beinn Damph – quite a Corbett.

Saw 3 Golden Eagles above the high ground here, 1 juvenille.

The track runs into the Coire an Ruadh-Staic between Maol Chean Dearg and An Ruadh-Stac with lovely multi-levelled lochans.

Reaches the Bealach a Choire Ghairbh at 600m. Now views open up to the south developing to the Craig hills round to Knoydart. The Corbett looks a treat.

Been up here twice, both for Maol Chean Dearg (one abandoned due to blizzard), this time had my eyes on An Ruadh-Stac.

Save this for a dry day I think – lovely smooth solid rock at easy angle to walk up the face in the dry, not sure I’d fancy it wet though. Breaks to very steep broken rock for the last 150m to a surprisingly flat summit top.

Didn’t get quite the view to Skye due to sun angle but fab views elsewhere. The Corbett is a bit trickier than the Munro and not substantially smaller.

Reversed route for return, didn’t fancy the drop involved to complete the Maol Chean Dearg circle via the Bealach na Lice.

You could certainly consider returning over Beinn na h-Eaglaise if you’ve time as the ascent from the high point looks very easy.I think Beinn Damph is possible from the bealach (Drochaid Coire Roill NG 903 509) but it does look steep in parts – any experience of this out there?

All in all a good day, got back with 1hr to spare before sunset having seriously dawdled on the way out.

Highly recommended as an approach for the Munro or the Corbett – Coulags approach is fine but the views are much more restricted. This route is 20km compared to 15km from Coulags.

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