Non-scrambling Liathach. Mullach an Rathain from the west. September 2007.

Date: Wednesday 12th September 2007
Distance: 12.6km
Ascent: 600m

Here’s a route to horrify the scramblers – Liathach (Mullach an Rathain) from the west starting at Torridon House and ignoring the ridge to Spidean a Choire Leith.

We did the E-W traverse along Liathach last year (again for the non-scramblers there is a very nice “goat track” on the S side bypassing all the serious scrambling but this hangs on the very steep face so it still feels vertiginous and more importantly would snow over very quickly out of summer).

We had fancied seeing how the walk onto Liathach from the west was like. We started from the Torridon House car park (normal access for Beinn Alligin and Beinn Dearg).

Take the main path about 500m until passing through the deer fence gate and then it’s simple – head up the hill. Views here to Horns of Alligin and Beinn Dearg (still a Corbett).

Make for the ridge line to the SE over initially boggy ground. Things steepen up very quickly and then there’s a steep climb to the cairns at around 650m and 700m. There is some picking through crag lines but nothing significant. The 650m flat area would make a lovely pitch-site with views W although sunset Apr-Sept probably obstructed by Beinn Alligin.

Advantages of this approach are the views to Beinn Alligin, Beinn Dearg and quickly to N Skye and also Coulin Forest hills.

We got an odd day with pulses of clouding and clearing but overall great views locally.

Once at 700m there’s about 1km of relatively flat ground then a gentle 300m ascent over rock and grass bands (solifluction bands I think) then a wee steeper pull to the summit.

We took in the atmosphere at the top for a while.


Headed back down. Eagle count for the day – 2 (probably 1 twice). Some entertaining ravens on the ridge.

Got some nice skies back to Beinn Eighe.

The full ridge would be easy enough but the road walk back would be substantial. Alternative descents are possible off the N side of the W ridge towards the Coire Mhic Nobuil path but lose the views quicker. We preferred to keep the views of Loch Torridon the Coulin Estate.

A great short walk with quick rewarding (spectacular) views with no technical aspects and 1 of Liathach’s 2 Munro summits.

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