The North Glen Coe Ridge. October 2007

Date: Sunday 7th October 2007
Distance: 15km
Ascent: 1230m

Apologies to the purists out there as this report does not, in fact, get to the summit of a Munro. It does cross the 3000ft mark though and as it reaches a top I put it here.

Our walk up Beinn a Chrulaiste a few months ago had been good fun and as we climbed we were looking at the Devil’s Staircase and the ridge beyond running west to join the Aonach Eagach with interest.

Driving back from the NW early doors and mulling over walk options and thought we’d give this ridge a go.

Arrived at Altnafeadh at dawn, alpenglow lighting up the Etive Mor opposite.

The walk starts on the West Highland Way running up the Devil’s Staircase to the 550m mark in around 30 mins. I’ve never done the WHW and I was pleasantly surprised by the view from the pass.

This walk then turns W to follow the ridge line right along to Am Bodach and the start of the Aonach Eagach ridge.

Big advantages in this area are immediate views and sun, unlike a lot of Glen Coe’s deep glacial valleys that can be enclosed and dark.

The views encompass:

Bidean Nam Bian

Blackwater Reservoir

The Mamores and Ben Nevis

The 903m point on this ridge seems to be the optimal point for viewing Bidean as it is directly opposite the arms of the 3 Sisters.

Nothing technical at all, minor rockiness for the last 100m climb of Am Bodach.

Then a sudden proliferation of people after seeing no-one along the ridge. Could carry on onto the Eagach if transport allowed. We didn’t push on to Meall Garbh as it involves some moderate scrambling and we climbed this earlier in the year. Some mist was bubbling up from the glen.

You could drop into the glen here and walk back along the old and new roads but that seemed daft given perfect conditions and views so we reversed the route and walked back.

Nice views back to the sisters and out to Rannoch.

A really nice sunday walk, nil technical, excellent views from start to finish.

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