Baosbheinn from the south. June 2008.

Date: Sun 1st June 2008
Distance: 22km
Ascent: 1300m

Baosbheinn is normally described with a N approach down the Poca Buidhe Bothy track. We fancied an approach from the south starting at the Coire Mhic Nobuil car park and weaving through the Torridonian giants.

Another nice day – this place is like a hillwalker’s sweetie-shop! Standard Beinn Alligin shot:

Over the 2 bridges and then past the track split for the Horns of Alligin. There was cloud spilling over the E end of Liathach:

The track carries on through the Bealach a Chomhla pass between Beinn Alligin and Beinn Dearg (it carries on round the north side of Beinn Alligin where a grassy ramp leads up to Sgurr Mor). Baosbheinn appears:

We cut off this at the watershed NG 878 620 heading through an area of lochans. Nice views to Alligin:

Pano of Baosbheinn and Alligin:

head west with a 50m drop to reach Loch na Cabhaig view up W end of Beinn Dearg:

Up onto Baosbheinn’s SW approach – the Drochaide a Ghorm-locha to ascend Ceann Beag. Nice lochan just before Ceann Beag:

Tempting to try and bypass some of the undulation on the ridge but there’s little feasible and best to stick to the top. The panoramas to the Torridonian giants is spectacular.


Up to the unnamed 800m top :

Then a 100m drop before the final climb to the summit:

Having seen no-one all day just as we reached here a friendly face peered over checking he was on the true summit having approached from the N.

Difficult to take adequate pictures – it’s too panoramic. Views to Skye, Lewis. Coigach, Letterewe, Fisherfield, Fannichs, Torridon.

Letterewe pano:

Torridon pano:

We were interested in the views of the Letterewe hills reported by a number of us last month. In particular it’s amazing how bland Beinn Airigh Charr, Meall Meinnidh and Beinn Lair look from this side compared to their really stunning appearance from the N and E.
Some strange atmospherics were brewing – white stuff in the sky obscuring the blue, from memory we reckoned they were… clouds.

Turned for home – the ridge undulations were tiring and the terrain seemed rougher on the return.
This worked out really well but it was relatively rough between the Alligin track and Ceann Beag. We benefitted from the very dry conditions – this would be fairly soggy normally. However I think it gives great changing Torridonian vistas and different views of some of the best Scottish Hills. A grand day out

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