Beinn Bhan – half a good day. September 2008.

Date: Monday 1st September 2008
Distance: 13.5km
Ascent: 1100m

For the first time in 8 days the sun was actually visible at dawn! 😀

Pulled together the soggy gear (8hrs in rain going to Beinn an Eoin on Sunday) and set off to Beinn Bhan.

BBC outdoors radio forecast said clear to late afternoon.

Pulled up at the bridge over the River Kishorn at Tornapress, decent parking on the south side of the road here.

Reflections to the north and south.

Gentle encouragement from the highlands and Islands team of personal trainers – Culicoides Impunctatus set us on the good path.

Beinn Bhan is phenomenal – 20m higher and there would be much raving, but being a mere 896m and it’s empty.

Really enjoyed the sunshine, a week of Skye gloom had me (almost) listening to family talk of Madeira and sunnier climes – heresy!

Only a little round the path and there are views to Beinn Bhan’s cliffs:

And across to Beinn Damh, Maol Cheann Dearg and An Ruadh Stac:

As you climb the track the views of the cliffs improve:

There were great water cascades facing the cliffs:

The impressive A’Chioch comes into view:

Waterfall and Beinn Damh:

A’Chioch – an interesting scramble over this and the ridge behind apparently – looked a bit hairy from the summit:

Liathach over Lochan Coire na Poite:

Just past the lochan found a Bumble bee nest that had obviously been dug up – don’t know what would do this – pine marten/fox?

Climbed into Coir an Fhamair – views opening across Torridon and Coulin:


There’s a steep pull up grassy/mossy slopes to the headwall:

The “Jaws” music always creeps into my mind when low cloud starts to creep in. At this point John Williams was in full flow. As we reached the Coire lip the cloud flowed across us.

A brief break showed A’Mhaighdean and An Teallach in the distance.

The rain then hit. Driving at the summit. We took the SE ridge back off. The cameras were in protective custody by this point but the scenery was still stunning. The cliff walls are massive! The views to Skye and south should be amazing too..

Easy drop back to the road and the car. Beinn Bhan comes off the “to do” list and transfers to the “to do again” list (like a few over the past 2 weeks).

Oh – and after a week with only the BBC radio outdoors forecast to go by – don’t bother – look out the window or toss a coin.

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