Falls of Glomach in Spate. October 2008.

Date: Saturday 4th October 2008
Distance: 17.8km
Ascent: 890m

A very wet Meet up in Kintail – raining cats and dogs.

We had decided to head up to Falls of Glomach – fancied a look for a while but always distracted by hills. Perfect day – no tourists and lots of water.

The river was in full spate, all the paths were streams and all the little side streams were torrents.

The route is well posted – along the remaining road to the bridge at Innis a Crotha and then out across meadows to the bridge at NG 982 223.
A bit vertiginous crossing the bridge – the river was fast and full.

Out past Dorusduain and along forest tracks to the bridge at NG 985 238.

The path then climbs the glen to the Bealach na Sroine. Saw some deer herds on the slopes – the roaring stags were just audible over the roaring Allts – the water was just white noise.

Cross the bealach and then a short jaunt to the falls. It was cloudy but finally the clouds started to clear south.

The Glomach Falls were stunning – huge with a torrent running over. There’s a wee path from the top running down to a little arm 50m down and about 100m in front of the falls giving superb views.

They’re too big to fit in a photo and my stitch programme refuses at water so here’s a few, but it doesn’t do justice.

Spent about an hour out here then reversed route for a different perspective on the route out.

Snowy hills – An Socach and Riabhachan maybe

Carnan Cruithneachd

It was amazing how quickly the water levels dropped – the stags were audible and the little streams had eased.

A few fungi on the way.


View up the glen:

The rivers were dropping fast – about 2ft at this bridge:

The light was great as we returned – quite syrupy. Started to warm too.

Lower water at the lower bridge:

Got back to the car park. A real day of contrasts. Well worth the wet start – the spate conditions were a real eye-opener and great to see (and hear and feel).


2 thoughts on “Falls of Glomach in Spate. October 2008.

  1. Very kind of you to bring all of these reports back 🙂

    I’m sure this doesn’t do full justice to the real life experience but still pretty awesome!


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