Dalmally Horseshoe. November 2008

Date: 22nd November 2008
Distance: 14km
Ascent: 1300m

Forecast looked very encouraging – winds slowing 30mph down to 10mph, 80% cloud free munros and lots of sunshine. Time to open the “For a Good Day Only” list – fancied the Dalmally Horseshoe including the Corbett Beinn a Bhuiridh.

Left Killin at 0600 – no stars and snowing a bit but every confidence in the various forecasting bods that the skies would clear.

Parked up at NN 132 284, a layby opposite the gate. Dark and chilly!

Headtorched up the track, and through the next gate then fairly quickly struck uphill. Enough light by this point to make out route decisions. The nose has a few craggy bits but it was easy enough to pick a route up.

At this point I was muttering about perfidious meteorology. It was clear that it was not clear – very overcast indeed. My plan for a beautiful sunrise to the SE and alpenglow over on Stob Diamh was a goner.

A wee bit of pinkiness to the SE was all we got.

The nose develops views back up Glen Strae to Beinn Mhic-Monaidh

Uncomplicated walking up to the Trig point on Monadh Driseig – views open to Loch Awe

From there a walk up the NE cliff line of Beinn a Bhuiridh and first sight of Ben Cruachan.

The summit is at the far end of the ridge. Bitingly cold by this point – about -5C with a fair bit of windchill. Still no sun. Mull was visible in the distance – some sun there.

Coming off the Corbett is a bit steep, combined with solid ice oozing out of the peat it made for a careful descent. Wouldn’t try this in poor visibility. View back to the Corbett descent.

From there a very easy walk up over Stob Garbh to Stob Diamh, other than the irritation of water tube freezing and pushing off the bite valve somewhere (lucky we carry a spare).

Stob Diamh is a nice viewpoint – not quite as good as Cruachan but still fairly interesting.

Loch Awe:

Ben Starav:

Ben Cruachan, Cruachan Reservoir, Loch Awe:

Loch Awe:

Distant Arran:

Ben Cruachan:

From there headed down the initially steep NE ridge to Sron an Isean –sunbeams behind Stob Garbh:

Now followed the ridge down – initially very gentle then a steep descent to the glen. Views back to the Horseshoe.

A bit narked by the gloomy light – I’d kept this back for a corker. A good high level walk, high level horseshoes are a personal favourite. Cruachan is a gem.


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