Beinn a Mhuinidh and Gleann Bianasdail. April 2009.

Date: Monday 13th April 2009
Distance: 19km
Ascent: 1100m

There are a lot of potential walks we’ve got stored up for good days. One of these was the Graham Beinn a Mhuinidh – the summit of a huge sloping table of land bounded by the Kinlochewe River, Gleann Bianasdail, Gleann na Muice and the Abhainn Bruachaig.

Had fancied climbing this one and returning via Gleann Bianasdail since our camp in April 2007.

Got to Incheril for dawn – there had been significant mist all the way from Inverness – broke free heading over the pass to Glen Docherty – clear beyond.

Torridon looms over Incheril – beautiful in the dawn light.

Sgurr Dubh and Beinn Liath Mhor:

Beinn Eighe:

Looking back to mist in Glen Docherty:

You could ascend steeply near the Allt Chnaimhean but this would leave a distance on the jumbled tableland on the summit – we’d looked at the Waterfall route on previous walks and felt this would do (Dempster route).

Feral goats round here, couple of groups with kids.

Slioch with early light:

Pick your route through the scrub – we angled up from about NN 022 641 N to approach the falls.

More goats:

Great views of Beinn Eighe:

This would be dramatic with a bit more water. There’s a gully to the right that makes for a steep but non-technical ascent.

Bit of wildlife here – scolded by a male Ring Ouzel, who then started calling. Far to shy for a good shot:

He shut up when 2 peregrines went screaming overhead – territorial dispute I think. Then a lot of very friendly wildlife – the heather was occupied by a tick hatch – lots of tiny ticks were very enthusiastic to see us.

View along Loch Maree:

Beautiful open space at the top of the gully climb.

Made our way over rough ground with outcrops towards the summit area. 2 cairns, the higher is obvious in clear weather.

Great views of Torridon, Slioch and across to Fisherfield.

Tableland Beinn Eighe and Coulin Forest:

Beinn Eighe:


Lunch spot towards Fisherfield:

Lunch in lovely sunshine then headed NE down a crag line. We were impatient and descended a bit early resulting in a steeper descent than necessary, but saw some more trailing azalea.

Upper cliff line:

Upper and lower cliff lines:

Followed the crag line northwards over rough ground towards Lochan Fada. Disturbed a group of hinds – they seemed loathe to shift – don’t know how many folks they see.

Length of Gleann Bianasdail:

Sgurr an Thuill Bhain:

Eventually reached the stepping stones across Abhainn an Fhasaigh – easy on the day but could be tricky.

Fisherfield seems just a stone’s throw away.

A’Mhaighdean and the ridge of Beinn Tarsuinn Chaol – this ridge must be a stunning walk between Beinn Lair cliffs and A’Mhaighdean’s NW ridge 🙂

Sgurr an Thuill Bhain looks dramatic.

Great walk down Gleann Bianasdail – this is well worth a visit. Faces straight into Beinn Eighe’s corries.

Golden Eagle soared over but not for long, a raven was trying to land on its back so the eagle sailed of. Ravens did a bit of upside-down flying after this – celebrations perhaps.


There are great rapids at the foot of Gleann Bianasdail.

Smell the coconut in the air:

From the bridge an hour back to Incheril with changing views over to Beinn Eighe.

Awesome viewpoint – a bit of a “Lost World” feel with no boot prints seen and lots of wildlife on stunning geology.

Well-pleased with this one.

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