Glen Feshie to Blair Atholl via 2 Munros and a Corbett. April 2010.

Date: Sat/Sun 24th-25th April 2010
Distance: 26.4km + 18.6km
Ascent:1200m + 500m

We’d had all the camping gear active in April with camping in Fisherfield and Ardnamurchan. Keen to keep going before the midge woke up we were casting around for plans. Forecast was so-so but seemed to favour the SE.

We’d had a notion to do a point-to-point from Aviemore to Blair Atholl for a while so we packed up to go.

Spotted an osprey again from the A9 just S of Pitlochry, then parked up at Blair Atholl for the 0852 train. Oystercatchers were squabbling noisily in the fields all around.

Train was on schedule – a pleasant ride, easier than driving for me. Spotted a few Black Grouse males just S of Drumochter on the way.

No taxis in the rank at Aviemore so phoned for one (Weir’s) who promptly arrived to take us to the Glen Feshie road end at Achlean.

A bit odd to be 45km from the car – quite a thought.

Still drizzling as we walked down Glen Feshie – had to stick to the rougher track on the east bank as the bridge at Carnachuin has been washed away.

Drizzle cleared, although the river was a bit above normal levels

Swallows were working the fields just opposite Glen Feshie Lodge. A very welcome sight.

Passed the bothy – 2 blokes and an undefined number of barking dogs.

The bit from the bothy through the upper reaches of Glen Feshie was an area we’d been keen to see. It didn’t disappoint – fine cliffs and old Caley pines and juniper.

One male Ring Ouzel caught our eye also evidence of Red Squirrels, none seen though.

The upper Glen Feshie area is cliff-linned and sits under 2 big plateaux – lots of waterfalls running down from up there.

Although we’d read before that the track up here might require a few river fording episodes it was pretty good other than one eroding area that might get tricky in real spate conditions.

Looking back to Feshie

As you turn the corner near Creag Bheag you then start to head east towards Geldie Lodge on the high flat uplands.

There’s a very impressive gorge on the way (Ruighe nan Leum)

Crossing the stream here was reasonable – tricky in high spate.

And then, finally, Sgarsoch and Ealar pull into view:

A few km E and the Allt Eindart crossing needed boots off to stay dry.

The River Eidart thankfully has a bridge.

From here we followed the track around the E of the River Feshie (odd to think the water there runs into the Spey and 50m E the water is heading for the Dee).

This track is a bit patchy on the corner but firms up for the ascent of Carn Ealar.

We broke off the track at about 700m to ascend directly. Views back to the Cairngorms were hazy and grey.

An easy pull up to the summit – one of the remotest munros in the country.

Beinn Bhreac:

Back in 2005 (view to Sgor Gaoith):

Didn’t linger long – wanted to get over to Beinn Bhreac. Skirted round Carn Meall Tionail and Cnap a Coire Chreagaich to ascend Beinn Bhreac over its 845m top.

Photographic conditions had not improved:

Thankfully some ptarmigans up here (the female’s back is top left):

Descended south off Beinn Bhreac towards Beinn Dearg. A few hare along the way:

Pitched at NN 868 804 near a river. Reasonably flat and dry.

Cooked tea and retired – quite tired by the day. Good night’s sleep.

A dry night and no hassles striking the camp.

The river had dropped about 1ft overnight making crossing much easier.

Headed straight up Beinn Dearg – no hassles here. Weather started to close in though.

About 100m short of the summit it started to bucket down so no pics from here.

Back in 2005:

Took the standard route down south off Beinn Dearg. However where the descent hits the Allt Sheicheachan there is now a track heading around Beinn a Chait all the way to the stable building SW of Elrig (NN 849 750 to NN 867 718). I think this is easier than the trade route down to the bothy then back to Blair Atholl.

Anyway – a nice walk back to the car from here. Glen Tilt is springing to life.

Feet beginning to feel a bit pounded on return to the car.

Photographically a bit of a poor quality weekend but we enjoyed the transit walk a lot.

Upper Glen Feshie in particular will be revisited – a great potential camp-site.

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