Corwharn and Cat Law – from Backwater Reservoir. May 2010

Date: Sunday 16th May 2010
Distance: 21.5km
Ascent: 940m

Just a quick report of 2 Angus Grahams. The weekend weather was a bit “so-so” and consequently we had a lazy day on Saturday (visited Loch of the Lowes to see the ospreys).

Sunday we picked Corwharn and Cat Law from Backwater reservoir. Quite an easy amble as virtually every hill ridge has an estate track of some sorts on it.

Backwater Reservoir

Parked at NO 260 598 and walked up the road to pass through the gate at NO 256 604 and follow the faint track to Ley, continuing on up the glen to ascend to the bealach NE of Little Ley.

Continued up a track up and along Milldewan Hill to ascend Corwharn. Quite grey skies meant few photos.

One Golden Eagle flew off from a perch along the way.

The summit was alive with hare – one leveret was not for moving from its crouch – got quite close to it then sat and had lunch 15m away – seemed remarkably unperturbed, eventually getting up, stretching and wandering into the rocks to eat.

Leveret – face outlined against rock:

Leveret – up close:

Kinley – leveret to right of feet:

Leveret – away for lunch:

From Corwharn descended a faint track down to NO 295 641 and then up Tarapetmile on an obvious track which links to the Clinking Cauldron-Cormaud track. Showers pasing through at this point.

From there the track runs to Mounthrey and then a branch runs up Cat Law. A big old hare watched us approach with a rather bored look.

The Glen Clova Munros and Corbetts backdrop the N view:

Sat and had more food on Cat Law – about 7 people up here – popular hill for the locals I think.

The view is unusual in terms of most hills – miles of lush, green and flat Angus and Fife.

Lawers/Glen Lyon/Schiehallion:

Retraced our steps to Mounthrey then took another unmarked track which runs over Hill of Stanks and down into Glen Quharity.

The last leg is through Craig of Balloch which has the look of a glacial flow cleft like the Chalamain in the ‘Gorms.

While passing back to Backwater reservoir spotted a male adder – got one pic before it disappeared into the long grass.

A nice Sunday walk. The area is teeming with wildlife – more hares than Ben Chonzie, grouse, partridge, buzzards, eagles, red deer, roe deer, adder, lizards.

Enjoyable walk, if a bit “hands in pockets”. 🙂


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