Beinn na Seamraig. A very white Shamrock. December 2010.

Date: Sunday 5th December 2010
Distance: 10km
Ascent: 500m

After a week of Central Belt commuting misery and a tricky drive north we were keen to get out and have a wander.

Forecast was a bit middling for the NW but we thought we’d take a look at Skye. Our quick jaunt up Ben Aslak was a grand memory so we thought we’d take a peek at the adjoining Marilyn – Beinn na Seamraig.

The view from Balmacara was encouraging.

Link to larger:

Crossed the bridge and headed a few km up the Kylerhea road to park up at NG 729 218.

The track from here runs up to Bealach na Cruinn-Leum. The first few km were crushed down by estate vehicles but the last part was collapsing crust snow.

From the bealach to Beinn Dubh a Bhealaich was slightly crusted powder between 1 and 2ft deep. Irritatingly hard work to be honest.

View to Ben Aslak:

Rewarded by the views to the Skye hills from the ridge.

Beinn Sgritheall:

Frozen Grass:

Stone and Kintail:

Simple from here – a walk over the tops to the summit.

We watched cloud consuming the Cuillin, then Glamaig, Bla Bheinn and threaten the Red Cuillin.

Beinn Sgritheall:


Red Cuillin looking lonely:

Sgritheall and Kintail:

H and Kintail:

From the summit the encroaching clouds were making me nervous about our drive down. A quick bite to eat then we turned to use our broken trail back down.

Amazingly the clouds cleared away to the S – wouldn’t have bet on this.
Enjoyed some cracking views on our return trip.

Towards Mallaig:

Red and Black Cuillins – all white:


Link to larger:

Misty Sgritheall:

Lowering light:

Pink light on the Skye Hills:

Cracking wee hill – combining it with Ben Aslak using this track would be a good short day.


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