Two course Meall in Section 2. July 2011

Date: Sunday 17th July 2011
Distance: 8.4km
Ascent: 600m

I’d had some lofty plans to combine these 2 easily climbed Corbetts with neighbouring munros rather than taking the easy approaches but Sunday’s rotten forecast suited a couple of little walks rather than an epic so we drove in to see what we could see.

Drove out to Loch Lyon and up the hydro road that links Pubil in Glen Lyon to Kenknock in Glen Lochay. The Glen Lyon side is a lot less pot-holed but still a bit rough.

Parked up at the top of the pass in a big layby – with a height of 503m that only leaves a 300m climb.

Spate conditions after recent rains saw all the Allts white.

About 40 minutes to the summit – better views than expected, including an eagle.

Heavy showers:

Meall Ghaordie – a combination for another day:

Beinn Challum:

The rain hit and we squelched back down to the car to drive back round to Bridge of Balgie and then up the Ben Lawers road to park at the hut at NN 582 417.

Not quite the highest point but does give access to the summit via grass rather than peat hags.

Another 45 minute ascent – excellent views of the Tarmachan ridge – this is now a must-do from this side:

Loch na Lairige:

The Lawers group and brooding skies:


Squall approaching:

Turned for the car and another squall engulfed us – stair rods! Quite fun actually, rain falling vertically instead of horizontally is a novelty.

Feel a bit guilty having done these 2 the easy way but made for an enjoyable and easy day in the mixed conditions.

A number of routes in this area are on the to-do list now.


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