Creag Ruadh – a winter half day. December 2011

Date: Sunday 11th December 2011
Distance: 8km
Ascent: 400m

A bit of a mixed forecast – breezy with a fair number of showers pulsing in from the west. Decided to try Creag Ruadh and see what its views were like.

This seems to be mostly climbed from Sherrabeg Farm to the north. I’d fancied climbing the west side of the hill as this seems to be where the views are. We’d planned to use the Glen Shirra track between Glenshero Lodge and Aberarder Lodge. Icy road conditions had us plump for the latter.

Parked in the layby at NN 532 896 and accessed the track running N through Glen Shirra. After 300m this joined a new, wide construction track, complete with H + S signage. Looks like there’s a small scale hydro scheme under construction on the outflow of Loch na Lairige.

We yomped up this for 800m, a few large trucks were ferrying material up and down – friendly waves from the drivers.

At NN 535 907 we left the track and followed an ATV track uphill – crossed some soggy looking (but fairly frozen) ground at first before heading uphill.

The cliffs of the long NE arm of Carn Liath catch the eye.

The view uphill:

As progress is made the view west develops – Binnein Shios:

Mixed weather saw brought some interesting light:

Views down Loch Laggan were intermittent, but when present were dramatic – Stob Ban:

The Geal Charn-Creag Pitridh hill group looks interesting from this side:

We took a fairly easy amble for this one – busy going nowhere:

Did manage to start up a Golden Eagle – sailed quite close by:

Got to the summit and had some lunch as a snow shower passed through – the views to the east were not as dramatic as the west.

Although Creag Dubh scrubs up nicely:

Turned for home and ambled back. The day clouded fairly quickly to give a wan light.

A great wee hill – and one we’ll return to. A pre-dawn winter start on a clearer day would get some sublime views.


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