Mull Pick and Mix part 3. Beinn Talaidh. June 2012.

Date: Wednesday 6th June 2012
Distance: 6km
Ascent: 700m

Having been up Ben Buie earlier in the day we drove the short hop to climb Beinn Talaidh, shifting the view perspective to the northern aspect of the hill group.

Parked at the forest track at NM 642 329. We took the forest track for 500m and climbed a deer fence – this is unnecessary – there’s a path branching to the left within 50m of the start that crosses the forestry to a gate at NM 636 330.

Once on the open hillside it was steeply uphill to achieve a rather pleasant curving ridge from Maol nam Fiadh to Beinn Talaidh.

Beinn Talaidh has some rather striking views along the Sound of Mull to Ardnamurchan with the Small Isles beyond.

There’s also a decent view of Loch Ba.

Returned via the ascent route, coming across a pair of ravens.

Used the gate and forest path to get back to the car.

We found a pitch for the tent on Loch Beg. The short-eared owls were up and flying giving us some entertainment, although the presence of a very high midge load had us retreating early.

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