Mull Pick and Mix part 6. Creach Bheinn. June 2012.

Date: Friday 8th June 2012
Distance: 8.1km
Ascent: 720m

We’d got a late deal on a 2 person apartment at Calgary for a few nights so we had breakfast without the midge and drove down to Lochbuie for the final Mull Graham – Creach Bheinn.

Parked at a parking area at NM 616 256 and took the track to the foot of the SW ridge of Creach Bheinn.

Left the path quickly and headed uphill NE towards the lochan at NM 624 262.

Ben Buie from ascent:


The lochan was well worth a stop – surrounded by flitting red and blue damselflies and occupied by a large number of newts.

Blue Damselfly:


Wandered here for a while before continuing E then NE uphill.

Ben Buie and Lochan:

Views expanded to the S although as had been true all week Jura and the hlls S of us were rather clouded.

Loch Buie from ascent:


Got to the summit after an easy ascent – grassy strips all the way. The views from here were excellent.

Duart Castle and Ferry:

Beinn Talaidh and Sgurr Dearg:

Over Lismore to Lochaber:

Over Ben Buie to Ben More:

Past Beinn Talaidh to Ardnamurchan and Rum:

We lounged around up here for an hour – tucked away from the breeze it felt like summer. Tore ourselves away and reversed route. A slight deviation from the ascent saw it all go a bit “ptarmy”.

Ptarmigan mother:

An explosion of chicks – some may fly, but if you look closely there’s always a few who choose to hide.

Ptarmigan chick:

Even taking a wide circle you never know where they are. I was surprised at how advanced they are already:

We picked our way away – mum kept leading us off.

Mum chuffed at drawing us off:

H and Mull:

Continued downhill on an excellent day.

Loch Buie from descent:

Ben Buie from descent:

The glens are green. We’re at the peak of the year – all downhill from here.

Loch Airdeglais:


Our first rain of the week started about 50m from the car – an excellent set of Mull walks.

The Mull Grahams are superb viewpoints – Mull is stuck in the middle between Skye/Rum and Jura/Arran. The local hills are dramatic and the mainland hills are large and prominent. The wildlife is superb as we managed to see Golden Eagles, Sea Eagles, Merlin, Peregrines, short-eared owls and hen harriers. I’m certainly keen for a return to Mull as soon as possible. 😀

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