Moine Mhor and Glen Feshie camp. May 2013.

Date: Saturday-Sunday 25th-26th May 2013
Distance: 20km + 9km
Ascent: 1000m + 200m

Friday night and a particularly weird set of forecasts – Met Office and BBC promising cloud-free skies for most of Scotland, especially the east. MWIS suggesting a fair amount of cloud in the east, best sunshine in the west.

Not convinced by MWIS we headed east. On our way down Glen Feshie we stopped as a Snipe shepherded a bunch of chicks across the road. No camera to hand but the opportunity to actually look at a snipe and chicks was worth the whole trip.

Kicked off from Achlean at 0900 – with 13 hours of sunlight to wander through.

Glen Feshie:

A perfect day – not too hot, light breeze with cloudless skies.

Ascending path:

As we approached Carn Ban Mor we spotted a few pairs of dotterel – keeping half an eye on us, but the rest on each other.

Dotterel tracks:


Once at Carn Ban Mor the views across to Braeriach and Carn Toul were excellent.

Braeriach over Moine Mhor:

Sgor Gaoith and people:

Creag Meagaidh:


Beinn a Ghlo:

We had planned to meander south, perhaps over the very undistinguished Tom Dubh, perhaps over Monadh Mor.

In the event with rather soft snow patches around we decided on a direct path south to the 974m cairn east of Mullach (and away from all munros and tops with their visitors).

Braeriach, SaLU and Carn Toul:

Sgor Gaoith and Braeriach:

Road on Moine Mhor:

Crossing Moine Mhor:

Our route dropped down about 50m to the allt draining the Moine Mhor around Mullach into the Eidart. The snow bridges here had just about melted and the allt, although narrow was deep in places. We took our boots off for an icy paddle across.

Snow bank:

Crossing the Allt:

From the cairn at 974m we had a grandstand view across KAKBA land.

Cairn at 974m point:

View south to Atholl Estate:

We picked the nose between Coire Bhlair and Coire Eindart to descend – it keeps a formed ridge almost all the way to the Feshie avoiding flatter peatier walking. There is also a landrover track all the way down to Ruighe nan Leum.

Descending to the Feshie:

Noised up a few patches of Mountain Hares – all in summer coats now.

Ruighe nan Leum:

One female [url=][color=blue]Ring Ouzel[/color][/url] was gathering worms from the mole hills here – got a good view before taking a poor photo.

Ring Ouzel:

Waterfall into the Feshie:

Ruighe nan Leum is a serious little gorge – I managed to get a little way in on the banks – there’s a 5m waterfall recessed back about 100m.

Into the gorge:

Sat and relaxed in the warm sunshine.

Peaty water:

We decided to head back round into Upper Glen Feshie to camp – the Glen runs NW and at this time of year should catch the sun late into the evening.

Upper Glen Feshie:

The landrover track has been consumed by the Feshie in several places – there’s still a path (rough in places) on the E bank.

Landslip over path:

Settled down with the tent in the Caley pines at NN 856 904.

Nallo in Glen Feshie:

Sat and had tea as the sun went down. Sunshine persisted until about 2030 when we retreated into the tent. No midge yet so the door stayed open.

Sunday dawned rather cloudy. Had a long lie before packing up.

Cloudy Sunday:

A pleasant bimble back along the track to the car.

Late May primroses:

Creag na Callich:

The Carnachuin bridge is still down – but the materials for the replacement are in place so it may be rebuilt soon.

It looks as though forest harvesting is on the cards on the east bank – the forestry roads have been upgraded to smooth surface.

On the plus side the previously rough path on the east bank is now a smooth-surfaced easy walk all the way back to Auchlean.

Diverted to the little pools at Auchleum.

Lochan at Achleum:

At first it seemed rather empty. As usual spending a few moments to get your eye in revealed a few sights of interest.


Diving beetle larva with tadpole:

Having commented on the absence of dragonflies once again a little while looking carefully revealed the large number of damselfies which were emerging from their larval states – a passing glance misses them entirely.

Damselflies emerging:

Petty Whin:

Back to the car for 1300 – a rather grey day but pleasant nonetheless.

All in all a nice wander – we’ve fancied a camp in Glen Feshie for a while and it seemed a good use of the weekend (and a good call on the forecasts).

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