Hebrides 2013 Day 2. Sron Ulladal and Tiorga.

Date: Sunday 2nd June 2013
Distance: 18.6km
Ascent: 900m

Having left our pitch on Lewis we drove round to the Huisinis road on Harris. On the agenda for Harris were a few hills (weather-dependent) and some other points of interest.

One of the others was a closer look at Sron Ulladal – a huge overhanging cliff N of Oireabhal.

The weather was a bit mixed – a southerly was blowing cloud onto the Harris hills so we decided to stay out of the clag on the track out to Sron Ulladal.

Parked at the gate at Abhainn Suidhe – NB 051 077. A bit irritated to remember that you can park 400m up the track at NB 055 082 – when we got there.

There’s a hydro track running up to Loch Chliostair after which there’s a good path to Sron Ulladal.

The bog flowers seemed weeks behind our last visit (which had been late May) due to the long winter.

Loch Chliostair:

Hydro pipe running back to road:

It was a bit grey (although dry) so we simply wandered along the track towards the Sron. There were a pair of black-throated divers on the loch (keeping silent).

Eventually the Sron came into view:

Cliffs of Muladal:

Sron Ulladal:

We sat down and had lunch under the rock face – although grey the midge had not emerged. With sun coming and going we had a nice relax here.

Sron Ulladal towering:

From out of sight round the corner at Loch Ulladal we heard some noisy and very agitated alarm calls. By the time we had a look a Golden Eagle was gaining height before heading off.

Another look at the Sron:

We decided to head off NW to ascend Mas a Chnoic Chuartich before heading south over Tiorga. This gave some fine views back to Sron Ulladal:

Loch Ulladal and Mullach Reidheachd:

Sron Ulladal:

From the summit of Mas a Chnoic Chuartich there were fine views west, east and north of rather infrequented ground.

Taran Mor:

Sron Ulladal:


Headed south back along the ridge before starting up Tiorga – the overhang of Sron Ulladal is more obvious from this angle:

Having got to the top of Tiorga we decided against ascending the 130m from the bealach to the Graham summit – it hadn’t cleared all day:

Instead diverted down Lag Glas Oireabhal towards the S end of Loch Aiseabhat:

Loch Aiseabhat:

From there a quick yomp back to the car – still grey and clagged on the south side of the hills.

From there we drove out to Huisinis – our favourite pitch site from last time. Parked the car in the little area at the jetty NA 990 123 and carried the tent 100m to pitch over the rise and away from other campers (any ability to carry a camp more than 100m seems enough for peace and quiet).

A brilliant place to sit – watched an otter, gannets and pods of dolphins in the channel across to Scarp.

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