Hebrides 2013 Day 3. Loch Crabhadail.

Date: Monday 2nd June 2013
Distance: 9km
Ascent: 300m

A longer lie at Huisinis – looking out the tent door revealed a cloud base at about 20m.

The initial plan (after much grazing of the excellent geograph website) had been to pitch at Loch Crabhadail. We’d altered that due to the excellent pitching at Huisinis.

With a misty day we thought we’d walk around the Traigh Mheilein headland first, and if the hills cleared consider going higher up Huiseabhal Mor.

Misty Huisinis:

Having packed away the tent we wandered along the path over to Loch Crabhadail from the Huisinis jetty. A reasonable path with some flowers beginning to show.

Flowering butterwort:

June Primroses and ?dwarf willow:

Rather than head over the pass we cut left down another path heading for the SW end of Traigh Mheilein.

Traigh Mheilein:

Traigh Mheilein was partly sunny due to a hole being formed in the cloud in the lee of Huiseabhal Mor so we had a bit of warmth for the walk.

Rope being subsumed:

Walk along the beach:

A few rocks here and there with life clinging on.

Limpets and barnacles:

The island of Scarp is just over the channel with a few houses on the facing shore. At the NE end we climbed uphill about 40m to a grassy area of previous cultivation.

Beach and Scarp:

Loch Reasort and Taran Mor:

Lazy beds and Scarp:


From here we simply wandered across country along the coast towards the end of Loch Crabhadail. Nice views towards Loch Reasort which dives inland to the north of Tiorga.

Loch Reasort and the interesting looking Taran Mor:

As the hills were not clearing we just ambled along to the beach, busy doing nothing.

Loch Crabhadail and Glen Cravadale:

Loch Crabhadail:

Loch Crabhadail pano:

Link to larger pano

Sat and had lunch at the beach and watched the world go by – still a bit parky in a brisk breeze blowing down the glen.

Loch Crabhadail beach:

Ringed Plover:


Headed up and over the pass to Huisinis – the path from Crabhadail to the summit of the pass was rough and boggy – it might well have been better to round Loch na Chleibhaig on the north instead.

Loch na Cleibhaig:

Once at the top of the pass the path improved and we quickly dropped back to Huisinis.


We’d booked a bed for the night in advance to give us one bed and shower for the week (the excellent Ceol na Mara at Direcleit near Tarbert.

As we packed up to go we were chatting to a couple that had been wildlife-spotting when a wild-looking bloke with a bloodied arm wearing shorts hove into view. The one and only MalkyC.

Caught up with Malky on the drive back to the main road prior to heading down to Tarbert.

A nice corner of Harris – the view from the tent was of unfamiliar hills which is a sight we’re unused to. Need a month or two to explore this island.

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