South Jura – Beinn Bhreac and Corra Bheinn. June 2014

Date: Tuesday 3rd June 2014
Distance: 13.6 km
Ascent: 800m

Day 4 on Jura and a rather nice forecast. An improving day. Parked up at NR 550 732, the start of Evan’s Walk to wander over a couple of the lower Jura Hills.

Paps from walk start:

Craighouse from walk start:

The path is a little patchy, but easier than the trackless terrain on the N end.

K on Evan’s Path:

Cut off uphill for Beinn Bhreac at Loch Fudarlaich, turned up the second adder of the week.


There were clouds scooting through, but the views to Beinn Shiantaidh and Beinn an Oir were rather good.

Paps from Beinn Bhreac:

Beiin Bhreac is an easy amble – carried on over the summit a bit N to get a good view down to Loch Tarbert and the N of Jura.

Loch Tarbert and N Jura from Beinn Bhreac:


Link to larger pano:
Link to larger

We could see S to Mull of Kintyre (and Northern Ireland too).

Mull of Kintyre:

The bigger small hills catch the eye though.

Paps of Jura from Beinn Bhreac:

Descended S to Loch Fudarlaich Beag – lovely layered lochs with varied wildlife.

Newt and tadpole:

Green Hairsteak:

Scrinadle caught the eye – indeed a loop of the hills around Glen Batrick has roared up the to-do list.


From the lochs there was a grassy ramp leading to a steep ridge up Corra Bheinn.

Paps from Corra Bheinn ascent:

No need for much more than weaving through the rocks though.

A wee bit of an easy scramble:

Clouds continued to add drama, but no real weather thankfully.

More cloud closing in:

Lord Aster’s pad – a haunt of the P.M.

Glen Batrick House:

A bite to eat at the summit and then on down to the east looking at Arran over Lowlandman’s Bay.

Lowlandman’s Bay and Arran:

More dramatic views of someone else’s weather.

Rain cloud past Craighouse:

Had to turn our backs on Beinn Shiantaidh to drop down to Evan’s Path.

Beinn Shiantaidh:

With some interesting pools full of diving beetle larvae.

Pool of sky:

…and so back to the car with clouds forming.

Clouding over Paps:

Drove back round to the Feolin Ferry to catch the hop back to Islay. The Calmac Ferry was just departing as we crossed.

MV Hebridean Isles and the Paps of Jura:

Round to Bowmore for us – a nice meal and a lovely sunset.

Paps from Bowmore:

Bowmore Distillery:

Bowmore sunset:

A cracking trip to Jura – definitely more business there for the next few years.

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