Beinn Sciathan – short and sweet. May 2015.

Date: Sunday 31st May 2015
Distance: 6.1km
Ascent: 200m

A bit of a teeming down night – although happily sheltered from the wind. Struck the tent in the wet and plodded back to the car.

Drove south to Eriskay – passing the Lochboisdale turn there were more short-eared owls.

Lochboisdale Short-eared owl:

The rain was beginning to thin out when we got to Eriskay – the ferry terminal has a shower room so a hot shower was very welcome.

By the time we were all sorted the day was very blowy but the sun was emerging.

The high point of Eriskay (Beinn Sciathan) is only about 500m walk and 150m of climb up from the road so despite the car being buffeted we headed up.

Eriskay Ferry terminal:

Quick views out over the Sound of Barra to Barra.

Barra from Beinn Sgiathan ascent:

The summit is only about a 25 minute jaunt – a rather fine wee viewpoint depite the wind.

Causeway to South Uist:

The wind was keeping the seas whipped white though.

White horses on the Sound of Barra:


We’d fancied a look at Roisinis on the NE tip of the island – it had been a potential camp site and it’s always good to have a look for next time.

Seemed a good idea just to wander that way as a loop. Headed NE for the coast.

Bumped into a herd of Eriskay ponies on the sheltered lee side of the island.

More white horses (Eriskay ponies):

Roisinis was a nice spot – definitely a good camp pitch and all the buildings on the OS are ruins (with colonies of raucous starlings in the deteriorating walls).


The best sheltered spot had an agitated oystercatcher (as is so often the case).

Oystercatcher nest breakout in progress:

Wandered around a bit before heading back along the roads to the car.


At Haun we could hear a corncrake calling – unusually after 5 minutes he came out into the open. Had a really good view.

Crex crex – unusually visible:

The wee hill looks nice from the road up from Haun.

Beinn Sgiathan:

Back to Lochboisdale where we had a room booked. A solid night’s sleep before the ferry off the Outer Hebrides back to Oban on a rather blowy Monday sailing.

The weather may have been a bit mixed……but I’d happily spend a year or 2 exploring the Hebrides. 😀


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