Huiseabhal Mor, Crabhadail and Traigh Mheilein. August 2015.

Date: Sunday 23rd August 2015
Participants: Us
Weather: Windy, hazy, hot.
Distance: 18.1km
Ascent: 800m

Sunday dawned a bit wet and cloudy, but the forecasters reckoned on the skies clearing by about noon. We mooched around for a bit before heading out the Huisinis road to head up the hill at the top of this year’s to-do list – Huiseabhal Mor above Huisinis. Conditions were never right for this one on our May visit.

Parked the car at NB 007 104 near Cnoc Mor. We wanted a reasonably wide loop of this hill so we walked back east along the road 2km to Loch Haladail and then turned uphill along the Abhainn Haladail to ascend to Beidig above Gleann Crabhadail.

Pretty warm day with air temps well into the 20’s. A stiff breeze was only slightly cooling.

Gleann Haladail:

Reasonably fast progress to Beidig where there was a view east to Loch Leosaid and Cleiseabhal.

Lochan Leosaid:

Headed for the crag line over Gleann Crabhadail – seen from the shore end a few times now.

Gleann Crabhadail:

Had half a thought to head up Tiorga Mor – with 2 ascents in the mist it would’ve been nice to see from the top. Resisted the temptation – I think this one will keep for a loop involving the eye-catching Taran Mor.

Tiorga Mor:

There’s a sublime view out to the sea-loch of Loch Crabhadail.

Loch Crabhadail:

Headed up the grassy slopes of Huiseabhal Mor, keeping to the Gleann Crabhadail side to enhance the views.

Once on the top there were hazy views over the sea to Taransay and Toe Head.

Hazy south to Taransay and Ceapabhal:

Sat and enjoyed lunch on the lee side of the hill – although not cooling the wind was pretty gusty, nice to get some shelter.

Loch Crabhadail and Griomabhal:

After lunch we wandered over Oireabhal, heading for Huiseabhal Beag.

Oireabhal view:

A nice changing perspective on Loch Crabhadail and loch a Ghlinne.

Loch Crabhadail from Huiseabhal Beag ascent:

A cairn north of the summit of Huiseabhal Beag marks a fine viewpoint.

Traigh Mheilein and Scarp from Huiseabhal Beag:


Link to larger

Headed back to the bealach between Huiseabhal Beag and Oireabhal to descend down to Crabhadail.

Loch na Cleabhaig:

Descent route from Huiseabhal Beag:

We’d wanted to wander round the headland from Crabhadail to Husinis – a favourite little wander for us.

Lazy beds at Crabhadail:

Gleann Crabhadail:

Taran Mor always catches my eye – hanging out over Loch Reasort. Still on the “to do” list.

H and Taran Mor:

Traigh Mheilein across from Scarp is a gorgeous spot – quite quiet as it need a few km walking from Huisinis to visit. One of our favourite spots.

Traigh Mheilein:

Wandered along the beach – despite being early evening it still felt roasting. We were viewing this area from Griomabhal and our camp at Mealasta only about 3 months before.

Griomabhal from Traigh Mheilein:

There’s a path clinging to the cliffline to take you back to Huisinis.

Traigh Mheilein from the track over to Huisinis:


Huisinis had quite a few tents around. I’d be offering prayers for the persistence of the breeze if I was in one.

From here it was a couple of km back to the car.

South beach of Huisinis:

We’d bumbled around taking up nearly all the daylight on offer – as we got back to Tarbert the sun was setting back out over Huisinis.

Ardhasaig sunset:

Smashing day, great hill and so good to be back out in the Hebrides.

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