Ardnamurchan Laziness – Ben Hiant Summit Camp. April 2016.

Date: Saturday-Sunday 9th-10th April 2016
Distance: 13.5km
Ascent: 750m

For one reason or another the tent has failed to come into play so far this year…..the priority for the weekend was to erase that shameful statistic.

Up to An Gearasdan on Friday….the forecasts continued to shift around.

Saturday saw us down to the Corran for an early morning crossing and the winding road to Ardnamurchan.

The most westerly S2K mainland Marilyn Beinn na Seilig seemed a reasonable target for a mixed Saturday. Parked at the cemetary parking area at NM 47 65 and then set off across the boggy ground for the Marilyn.

Curled over Lag a Choire and Stacan Dubh before ascending to the top.

Beinn na Seilig ascent:

Ben Hiant:

There’s a nice view down the Sound of Mull where the Kilchoan-Tobermory ferry was on its run.

Kilchoan ferry:

To the north the Small Isles were part visible.

North from Beinn na Seilig:

To the east Ben Hiant loomed (as best a 500m hill can).

Across Kilchoan to Ben Hiant:

Rum had a hat on for the whole morning.

Eigg and the roots of Rum:

Muck and the roots of Rum:

Beinn na Seilig and Ben Hiant:

April may be here but winter clings on.

Beinn Resipol:

Dropped off Beinn na Seilig first north then east to return to the car.

Headed for Sanna for a wander. Sanna Bay is quite beautiful – I can foresee a holiday out here some day when our knees have worn out. 

Wandered from the car park out across the beaches to Sanna Point before taking a seat for a while. Watched a pod of bottle-nosed dolphins swim round the point.

Nice views from Sanna Point.

Eigg rainbow:

Sanna Bay:

Small Isles and sky:

Rum and Muck:

Ardnamurchan Lighthouse:

Must admit that I was chilled and lacking enthusiasm at this point. Happily the other half of the partnership was full of enthusiasm so we transferred to camping packs, parked at NM 55 64, and headed up Ben Hiant to camp.

We’ve fancied this one for a while as a camp spot – 1 hour from the car with a stunning vista of islands and mainland.

Hiant ascent:

A pair of Golden Eagles were soaring to the south – languid in a thermal.

The south end of the summit affords a fine flat pitch with awesome views down Sound of Mull and Loch Sunart.

Ardnamurchan is as close as the mainland gets to an island – a finger poked out west surrounded by the Small Isles, Mull, Coll and with views beyond to Tiree, Uists and Skye.

Bloody brilliant!

Got the tent up and then relaxed.

Scarp on Hiant:

Stallachan Dubha and Sound of Mull:

Summit view of Mull:

Sunset has marched deep into the evening now – the sun didn’t cross the horizon til 2025.

The east had been less sunny – the lowering sun started to light Lochaber.

East to the Ben:

To the SE we could see across Loch Teacuis to Cruachan.

Loch Teacuis and Cruachan:

H and Scarp:

As the sun set Coll and Tiree were more visible….on the to-do list.

Coll and Tiree:

To the north the Small Isles were a wistful view….Cannna had a splendid weekend.

Rum, Eigg and Skye:

Out west we were ogling the Uists ove Oigh-Sgeir.

South Uist and Oigh-sgeir:

Heated tea and watched the sun set over Vatersay. Almost 6 months since our Trotternish camp sunset…..far too long.

Ardnamurchan lighthouse and sunset over Vatersay:

A still night. Up at 0300 to identify lighthouses from Skerryvor round the Uists to Oigh Sgeir. We do enjoy picking out places from afar on summit camps.

Back to bed before getting up as the sun breached the eastern cloud band at 0700.

Stallachan Dubha sunrise:

Loch Sunart:

Cooked breakfast and relaxed in direct sunshine in the tent. What it’s all about.

Eventually we were persuaded to get up and moving.

Scarp and Mull:


H and Ben More:

Watched the Coll ferry pass by from Oban before the Lochboisdale ferry headed in from the west.

Scarp, MV Clansman and Ben More:

MV Clansman and Ben More:

Beautiful still conditions below.

Loch Sunart:


Watched the pair of Golden Eagles on a thermal as we descended – presumably last night’s pair.

Dropped back to the car…passing quite a few folks heading up.

Ben Hiant:

A great hill to spend a night on – absolute stunner of a viewpoint. Great to be back out with the tent.

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