Hebrides Day 2 – Suaineabhal followed by a Huisinis camp. June 2016.

Date: Sunday 5th June 2016
Distance: 7.6km
Ascent: 450m

Day 2 on the Hebrides. We’d arrived in Stornoway, done a bit of shopping and then driven round to Traigh na Beirigh, pitching on a quiet little beach away from the main beach.

Relaxed and were rewarded by an otter appearing just after sunset only 15m from the tent (too dark for a good pic).

Up to a clear warm day and packed up in no hurry….with an 18hour day it’s easy to get into “island time”.


Nipped back round to Traigh Beirigh on the way to the car.

Traigh Beirigh:

A short drive to Carishader to park up to ascend Suaineabhal – had our eye on this hill since our first visit to Traigh Uige.

A track runs from Carishader out to NB 087 326. From there we simply headed SW and picked a line up the hill.

First eagle of the holiday duly appeared – an adult goldie.

Golden Eagle:

A hot day, we just slowly headed up hill, enjoying to views developing back to Riof and Traigh Beirigh.


Another eagle (or the same again) was cruising the hillside.


Only a 429m hill….so not too long to reach the top of the hill. Could see our campsite.

Summit to Riof:

Hazy to the south. Sron Scourst is instantly recognisable from north or south.

Harris hills:

The big cairn on the summit catches the eye from Traigh Uige. Here at last.

Summit cairn and Traigh Uige:

A White-tailed eagle was lazily spiralling in a thermal on the Traigh Uige side. Circled above us before sailing away.

Sea Eagle:

Cracking view to the beach once the wildlife stopped distracting us.

Traigh Uige:

Sat around for 40 minutes before dropping back down the same way.

With a great forecast we’d decided to head round to Harris for a few days. Over the last few years we’ve had mixed weather, and we’ve only infrequently bothered to head much of a distance from the car.

Huisinis has been a favourite, and we always love Traigh Mheilein, a few km from the parking area.

Packed up the bags and walked around to the north end of Traigh Mheilein, at Rubh an Tighe. Cracking views across to Griomabhal on Lewis and Taran Mor on Harris.

A beautiful spot.

Traigh Mheilein and Griomabhal:

As ever, Taran Mor, only 303m but snookered behind a number of hills drew our eyes. On the to-do list.

Taran Mor:

A family group of ravens were bouncing around – the juniors following parents and watching us pitching the tent with interest.

1 adult and 2 juvenile ravens:

Rubh an Tighe has old lazy beds, and was definitely on our list of wanted pitch sites. Near perfect.

Traigh Mheilein pitch site:

Sun sinking towards 2230hrs…..a long day since the 0430hr sunrise. A couple of beers and a sun setting out to the Atlantic from Harris. Splendid.

Taran Mor:

Traigh Mheilein:

Sunset past Scarp:

Not a bad first full day…with a few to come.


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