Hebrides Day 3 – Return to Tiorga Mor. June 2016.

Date: Monday 6th June 2016
Participants: Us
Weather: Sunny, hot.
Distance: 11.3km
Ascent: 670m

A peaceful night in the Allak at Rubh an Tighe. Stuck my head out at 0430 to see the sun rise over Lewis across Loch Crabhadail.

Sunrise over Lewis:

Not being in a rush we slept a bit longer before getting packed up. A lovely warm morning with no midges.

Traigh Mheilein:

A few km back to Huisinis along Traigh Mheilein.

Returning to Huisinis:

Switched over to the day packs at the car and then drove east through Amhuinnsuidhe to park on the Loch Chliostair hydro road at the space at NB 055 082.

We’ve been up Tiorga Mor twice before, first on a poor day in 2011 and then on a better day in 2013 via a visit to the foot of Sron Ulladal. The top of Tiorga had not been clear on either location and it has remained on the return list.

Loch Leosaid is reached after 500m with nice views to Oireabhal.


On this occasion we fancied wandering up Gleann Leosaid to the bealach above Loch a Ghlinne. The path marked on the map from thebridge over Abhainn Leosaid is very sketchy for the first 500m but well formed thereafter.

The bog plants are amazing this year, sundews and louseworts in huge clumps.

Lousewort clump:

…..unfortunately many of the bog invertebrates are also active, I was very surprised to be assaulted by my first cleg of the year in early June. Usually I don’t see any of these til July.

The heat was sapping – out Tilley Legionnaire hats were on and we dipped our T-shirts in the Allt – last time those manoeuvers were needed was July 2013.

Track to Loch a Ghlinne:

There is a nice view from the bealach down to Loch a Ghlinne and our campsite from the morning.

View down to Rubh an Tighe:

Turned NE to ascend past Loch Braigh Bheagarais to the bealach between Ceartabhal and Tiorga Mor.

Loch Braigh Bheagarais:

Approaching the bealach:

From the bealach it was a slow trudge up Tiorga Mor, wishing for a breeze.

North-west ridge of Tiorga Mor:

The views were distracting however, building a better view back down to Scarp and Huiseabhal Mor.

Huiseabhal Mor and Scarp:

The air clarity however was rather poor – a trade-off for the week’s sun and heat was persistent haze.

Hazy view to Lewis:

The hoped for blue sky and blue sea view south to Ceapabhal and onward to the Uists was a little milky.

Hazy view south to Ceapabhal:

Good local views however.

Scarp and Traigh Mheilein:

Huiseabhal Mor and Scarp:

On previous occasions we’ve dropped down Lag Glas Oireabhal to the south end of Loch Aiseabhat as an easy-angled descent. This time we dropped down the steeper south ridge of Tiorga Mor. This was a decent route on a dry day, a bit steep in parts, with sections of dry grippy slab to walk down. Might need a bit of care on a wet, claggy day though.

This ridge drops down to the Loch Chliostair dam.

Loch Chliostair and Oireabhal:

Loch Chliostair and Tiorga Mor:

Picked up the hydro road back to the car before heading round to Drinishader for a pre-booked bed for the evening.

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