Arisaig – Sgurr an t-Sasunnaich. 12th February 2017.

Date: Sunday 12th February 2017
Distance: 9.2km
Ascent: 455m

The forecast for the Sunday was good along the west coast, if very cold and breezy. The inland forecast was rather less good.

We decided to try out a little walk we’d had our eye on with a view to longer days at some future point.

The transmitter above Arisaig has an access track from Kinloid and we’d fancied a wander up to the high ground here for a while.

Parked near the Primary School at Arisaig NM 658 870. There’s a little path which leads to the main road opposite the Kinloid road, we headed along this in pre-dawn light. Went past the farm on an icy road and then started up the transmitter access track.

A little height and we started to see a bit of Alpenglow across on Skye.

Cuillin alpenglow:


We should really have got up earlier – it was a full moon and this was setting behind Rum.

Rum and full moon setting:


It really is a fine place for views.

Bla Bheinn Alpenglow:


Up to the transmitter as the sun gained height, the odd potential tent pitch identifiable for future reference. Not a bad spot for a camp.

Rum and Eigg from the transmitter:


Skye from the transmitter:


Cuillin from transmitter:


The sun needed a bit more height to light up the foreground around Arisaig.

Sun lights the Arisaig foreground:


Continued uphill towards Sgurr an t-Sasunnaich, fairly easy ground other than the distraction factor of the view.

Ascending Sgurr an t-Sasunnaich:


Once on Sgurr an t-Sasunnaich we had a break and enjoyed the view, a bit of a chilly breeze but a cracking spot.

Skye from Sgurr an t-Sasunnaich:


Small Isles from Sgurr an t-Sasunnaich:


We headed on over towards Sgurr an Albanaich, terrain was a little bobbly with pools to avoid.

Crossing to Sgurr an Albanaich:


A lovely upland. We have a few possibilities from here onwards to the east, perhaps from train station to station. For this day though it was an easy wander.

A nice view to Loch Morar.

Loch Morar from Sgurr an Albanaich:


Out towards Skye MV Lord of the Isles was on her way in from Lochboisdale to Mallaig.

MV Lord of the Isles and Bla Bheinn:


Headed back the way we’d come. A short day means a distractable day. Lots of distractions.

A nice view of Eigg over a pool



Small Isles and Lochan:


Back to Sgurr an Albanaich:

Had a last look around from Sgurr an t-Sasunnaich before starting downhill to the transmitter.

Descending from Sgurr an t-Sasunnaich:


A cracking wee walk and a decent wee reconnoitre.

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