Roineabhal and Eilean Dubh May 2017

Date: Thursday 25th May 2017
Participants: Us
Weather: misty and then fine
Distance: 14km
Ascent: 450m

We’d spent the beginning of the week at the Oban YH, getting out to Kerrera, and then meandered up to Mallaig via some hills and Arisaig.

The Mallaig to Lochboisdale ferry had taken us out to South Uist on a very claggy Wednesday evening and we’d camped on the coast near Garrymonie to the sound of surf and larks.

Thursday was billed as an improving day so we struck camp and wandered to South Glendale to walk around the SE tip of South Uist.

There’s space to park at the road end. A path runs north across the peat to North Glendale. Saw our first Short-eared owl of the holiday.

The path is a little sketchy but decent walking. We had 2 targets, the first was to take a look at a little tidal island – Eilean Dubh, which had caught our eye on the map.

The sun came out and we had a pleasant walk watching a variety of birds making the most of spring.

Eilean Dubh is a nice spot – would make a rather peaceful camping pitch.

From there we ascended Hairtebreac and carried on to Roineabhal, an easy amble up a wee hill. Hazy views to the Eriskay causeway and Eriskay.

Continued NW then W over Cruachan before dropping to the eye-catching beach of Bagh Mor.

This was a great spot, pretty quiet and excellent camping potential.

We crossed the beach, heading for the car. We swithered as to whether to get the tent and return to the beach, but we had plans to move north up the islands so we carried on.

Nipped over to Eriskay and had a shower at the ferry terminal, then drove north to Loch Sgioport. We had used a nice pitch there in 2015 and fancied re-using it. We’d half hoped to recoup our “Leave no Trace” credentials by recovering a Ti tent peg we’d left there, but alas it was not to be found.

Still a lovely end to the day.

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