Eabhal and Bearnaraigh May 2017

Date: Friday 26th May 2017
Participants: Us
Weather: lovely
Distance: 13.4km
Ascent: 500m

A lovely morning. Up early and we drove round to Clachan on the south shore of Loch Euphort.

Eabhal is a hill that we’ve seen from afar from many directions, one we’ve wanted to visit for a while.

The route is reasonably simple – there’s a decent path runs from Clachan round the shore of Loch Obasaraigh to the foot of Eabhal. The ascent of the NE ridge is uncomplicated.

The day was breezy, and a little too hazy, but the sunshine was welcome.

Eabhal from Loch Obasaraigh:

Ascending Eabhal with North and South Li visible:

Sat around on the summit for a while – the Uists are a bit of a water world – more lochans than land make for a rather interesting appearance.

The haze was a little disappointing – would have been great to get some decent air clarity. I suspect we’ll revisit Eabhal as it is a wee cracker.

Reversed route and drove up to Bearneraigh via Lochmaddy. We’d spotted a great potential pitch site using Geograph. Parked at NF 89 80 at the designated parking spot. We took a wander out to Rubha Boisnis to confirm the pitch, returned to the car and dug out the gear.

A rather superb spot at the south end of Bearnaraigh’s 5km of beach that lines its NW side.
The view north included Clisham, Ceapabhal and the hills at Huisinis. A great place to chill out.


The beach:

2 thoughts on “Eabhal and Bearnaraigh May 2017

  1. Nice campsite! Good hill too – would definitely go back. After last year’s island-fest, I’ve barely made it off the mainland this year…and certainly not to the Outer Hebrides. Bit of a disappointment.


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