A camp at Traigh Mheilein. May 2017

Date: Sunday 28th May 2017
Participants: Us
Weather: Beautiful
Distance: 8km
Ascent: 280m

If I was given a vote for the most beautiful place in Scotland it would go to the area around Huisinis (spelling seems to vary so also Hushnish/Hushinish).

We’ve been up most of the hills near Huisinis and personally I think that Traigh Mheilein opposite the island of Scarp is the best beach in the Hebrides.

Thus, it would be a major oversight not to visit during our trip. We got up well slept at the hostel at Drinishader and drove round to Huisinis. A new building was going up replacing the old toilet block with a new building, complete with public toilets and showers.

Parked at the north side near the jetty as the usual spots were closed for the building work.

A beautiful looking day.

We decided to have a wander round the peninsula to the SW of the houses as we’d never looked around that area.

Headed round the north side first – plenty of stiles over stock fences ensured that there were no issues. Great views back to Caolas an Scarp and on to Griomabhal on Lewis.

A few high points gave a good view of the houses on Scarp with Griomabhal behind.

Had a bite to eat at the far end of the peninsula before heading back to the car to pick up the camping packs.

Then headed off over the cliffline path to Crabhadail and Traigh Mheilein.

Headed round to the beach…..possibly the finest place in Scotland.

We wandered along the beach to Rubh an Tighe where there is an excellent area to camp.

The hills to the north are on Lewis, but geologically they share character with the Harris hills , divided by Loch Reasort.

We got down to the serious business of frittering away a day in our favourite place.

Got the Allak set up, cracked open a beer and watched the world go by.

Wandered up the hill a little after we were overflown by an immature Sea Eagle. Our tent stood out across the lazy beds.

The other way had a good view of Loch Crabhadail and the cliffs of Huiseabhal Mhor.

As the sun lowered the lazy beds became more obvious.

Stayed up until the sun set, backlighting the lighthouse on Eilean Mor of the Flannan Isles.

Very lazy, but why go to an effort when all of that is on offer?

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