A round of Toe Head. 8th September 2017

Date: Friday 8th September 2017
Distance: 16.1km
Ascent: 590m

Friday of our Harris week – fairly patchy weather, although you’d have to work hard not to appreciate Harris.

There are some great walks on Harris and with the hill forecast not being stellar we decided to head to the south of the island.

Dramatic skies greeted us as we headed out from our accommodation:

Parked up at Northton. The forecast suggested it might improve so we headed out to walk round Toe Head anticlockwise, coming back over Ceapabhal.

Heading out across the grazings is easy, there are tracks through. To the north Beinn Dubh was heavily cloud-capped.

The tide was in, so the wide beach of Scarasta was underwater. Across the inlet the hills of Maodal and Bolobhal Scarasta were atmospherically backed.

We wended our way round the peninsula, the walking is a little rough here and there, but there are always seabirds and vistas to distract. Saw a couple of Golden Eagles soaring at a distance at one point.

The day remained rather grey as we headed round to Toe Head itself, where we sat and had lunch. Any number of tent pitches round here – always something we’re on the lookout for.

The cliffs and downslope of Ceapabhal are dramatic from this side.

The day began to brighten a little and we set off up Ceapabhal.

Across the Sound of Harris we could see Bearnaraigh – with its sublime beaches.

Things went a bit eagly…..first we were flown past by 2 adult Golden Eagles, then a subadult sea eagle went past. Harris is pretty good that way.
Sea Eagle:

Up to the top of Ceapabhal and it’s a rather grand view.

To the south the Sound of Harris was silvery.

Our first visit here was blue skies and excellent air clarity – none of the subsequent visits have matched it, but the hill remains a favourite.

Down hill to Northton.

…and then back past Rubh an Teampaill to return to the car. Beautiful coastline.

Traigh na Cleabhaig – no divebombing terns at this time of year.

An Teampaill:

Traigh na Cleabhaig:


A fine wee walk, I’d do it year round if it wasn’t for the commute.

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