Lochboisdale Marilyns. 7th June 2018

Date: Thursday 7th June 2018
Distance: 15.6km
Ascent: 860m

Another day, clearing from a bit cloudy to nice sunshine. Thursday had the best forecast of the week so we did our main walk – the 3 Marilyns north of LochBoisdale.

Looking at South Uist from the east there are 2 hill triplets – the big hills of Beinn Mhor, Hecla and Coradail and to their south a triplet of smaller hills – Beinn Ruigh Coinnich, Triuirebheinn and Stulabhal.

It tends to be irksome seeing hills we haven’t actually climbed so this smaller triplet was on the menu.

Parked at a small parking area on the outskirts of Lochboisdale NF 785 200. Took a little road and then path to cross a footbridge at NF 787 205 and then follow the path to NF 795 208 before heading direct for Beinn Ruigh Coinnich.

Quite a nice day, as height is gained you can see north along Triuirebheinn and Stulabhal:

A hot day, we picked our way up Beinn Ruigh Coinnich with a steep view down to Lochboisdale:

View north to Triuirebheinn:

Terrain is a bit gnarly, so distances on the ground expand as bluffs and knolls are passed. We picked our way down Beinn Ruigh Coinnich then started up Triuirebheinn.

The air (as it had been all holiday) was rather hazy. There is a decent view south to the tip of South Uist:

We could finally make out Rum:

Northwards the bigger triplet of Mhor, Coradail and Hecla line up:

Stulabhal and Airneabhal:

Barra and a haze layer:

Southern South Uist and Barra:

Had some lunch on Triuirebheinn – basking in hot sunshine. Carried on north to Bealach a Chaolais and then on up Stulabhal.

Stulabhal has a cracking view – we’d been looking at it across Loch Snigiscleit earlier in the week, the view back was lovely.

Loch Snigiscleit and across loch Aineort to Beinn Mhor:

Beinn Ailein and Airneabhal:

Hazy Rum:

South to Triuirebheinn and Beinn Ruigh Coinnich:

Loch Snigiscleit:

The headed back, dropping down and crossing fairly rough ground to Loch Stulabhal:

….and then following the path back to Lochboisdale.

A brief visit to the beach on the drive back to base:

Harder work than the numbers suggest, but a fine walk. I’d definitely revisit on a day with better air clarity.


3 thoughts on “Lochboisdale Marilyns. 7th June 2018

  1. Nice to see these hills again. I was there the week before you. Sailed up the coast from Lochboilsdale. Did Hecla from Wizards Pool in Loch Sgiopoirt.


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