Beinn na h-Eaglaise and Beinn Damh. 30th August 2018.

Date: Thursday 30th August 2018
Distance: 13.3km
Ascent: 1320m

With a week’s holiday in Torridon we’d been out and about in mixed weather for the first half of the week. The forecast for end of the week was better.

One of the routes on the “to do” list was a revisit of the loop round Beinn na h-Eaglaise and Beinn Damh. We’d done this via Loch an Eoin in 2008, for a return we planned the circuit of Coire Roill.

Kicked off from the Torridon Inn car park, there’s a path from the rear of the Inn up Coire Roill.

Within a kilometre there’s a rather nice waterfall view.


A bit of a grey day, but fabulous surroundings.

Across Loch Torridon:

The sun came out for a while as we forded the Allt Coire Roill, following the path for a further 400m before striking up the west ridge of Beinn na h-Eaglaise. Sgurr na Bana Mhoraire was lit across the coire.

Sgurr na Bana Mhoraire:

The sun didn’t last long and the ascent of Beinn na h-Eaglaise was atmospheric instead. It’s a nice ascent route.

Ascending Beinn na h-Eaglaise:

Beinn Damh is no less impressive than the Torridon munros.

Beinn Damh from Beinn na h-Eaglaise:

It didn’t take too long to get to the Graham’s summit – briefly spotted a Golden Eagle sitting atop the rocks near the summit – it was off before a picture could be taken.

Wandered up to the summit and enjoyed the views with a bite to eat. The cloud was thinning a bit. Seana Mheallan, the Marilyn in the centre of Glen Torridon is a great viewpoint.

Liathach and Seana Mheallan from Beinn na h-Eaglaise:

The views across Loch an Eoin to the Achnashellach hills is great.

Lochan Eoin, Fuar Tholl, Sgorr Ruadh, Beinn Liath Mor and Sgorr na Lochan Uaine from Beinn na h-Eaglaise:

Maol Chean Dearg and An Ruadh Stac from Beinn na h-Eaglaise:

Set off from the summit a little way SSE then cutting back SW down to Lochan na h-Eaglaise – actually a little string of lochans. Some nice reflections here.

Maol Chean Dearg pool:

Went over the 676m point heading for Drochaid Coire Roill. A decent view SE from here.

Heading to Drochaid Coire Roill:

Beinn Damh, and in particular Spidean Coire an Laoigh now dominate the view.

Beinn Damh from Beinn na h-Eaglaise descent:

The descent is unpathed, but fairly standard pool strewn Torridonian fare – quite a decent walking terrain.

Beinn Damh pool:

About 40m N of Drochaid Coire Roill there is a colossal sandstone table – a rather singular feature. Well worth a visit, or a game of bowls. 😉

The sandstone table at Drochaid Coire Roill:

Crossing Drochaid Coire Roill there is then an easy weaving ascent through craggy bands up Meall Dubh na Drochaid.

From Meall Dubh na Drochaid there is then a very steep ascent up to Stuc Toll nam Biast. There is actually a faint path up this, easy to lose on the steep grass, but with a little cairn at the top end. As with last time I wouldn’t fancy descending this – too steep for my liking. An easy enough ascent, taken with care.

Steep ascent of Spidean Coire an Laoigh:

Then an irksome shower blew in from the west and clagged the final ascent of Spidean Coire an Laoigh.

Clagging in at Spidean Coire an Laoigh:

Happily the clag lasted only about 5 minutes after we arrived on the summit, so we spent close to an hour sitting around in sunshine enjoying the views.

A bit hazy – we could just make out Rum and Eigg to the SW out past Loch Kishorn.

View to Skye from Spidean Coire an Laoigh:

Nice view over Stuc Coire an Laoigh to Maol Chean Dearg and An Ruadh Stac.

Maol Chean Dearg and An Ruadh Stac from Spidean Coire an Laoigh:

Lots of fine memories of the great hills on the south side of Glen Torridon.

East from Spidean Coire an Laoigh:

Beinn Damh is quite similar in architecture to Beinn Alligin.

Beinn Damh and Beinn Alligin:

Then we were off, descending from Spidean Coire an Laoigh to Spidean Toll nam Biast and a view back to the summit.

Spidean Coire an Laoigh from descent:

It began to cloud a bit, so once again we didn’t visit Sgurr na Bana Mhoraire – I think a pre-dawn winter ascent of this one is needed.

Along the glen Beinn Eighe was glowing white in some sunshine.

Beinn Eighe:

The path off Beinn Damh is still rather eroded in the upper reaches, but well built further down. Didn’t take too long to get back down to the waterfall – a midge jacket was needed to take a photograph.


A very enjoyable Graham/Corbett combination, one we’d do again – hopefully in less than 10 years.

One thought on “Beinn na h-Eaglaise and Beinn Damh. 30th August 2018.

  1. Nice Kinley, i travelled to Gairloch that day which was stunning drive up but the rest of week the weather was pants.. Good report of hills i’m sure to visit in the future ..


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