Beinn Alligin 31st August 2018.

Date: Friday 31st August 2018
Distance: 10.5km
Ascent: 1150m

Friday of our week looked a good day early doors, with escalating cloud and windspeed. We had hoped to revisit Beinn Eighe on a good day, but had traversed the hill on the wetter and cloudier than expected Wednesday. Half tempted to revisit, but we opted for a revisit to our favourite hill in the area – Beinn Alligin.

As usual, given an early start, the waterfall on the Allt Coire Mhic Nobuill was not yet sunlit.


We headed up the good path and started up the Horns. A nice sunny day. The shadows picked out what I think is a lateral moraine below.
Lateral moraine:

The ascent of the Horns is steep, pathed, with very minor scrambling needed here and there. Always enjoyable.
Views start to open up to Tom na Gruagaich.
Tom na Gruagaich:

Looking across to Liathach is direct into the sun – hard to take pictures.
Liathach from the horns:

At about 500m the slope slackens and a view into the arc of the 2 munros opens up.
Sgurr Mor and Tom na Gruagaich:

The view south does include the Cuillin if the air is clear, our day was rather hazier. We did have the reciprocal view to the Thursday visit to Beinn Damh.
Across Loch Torridon:

We took the bypass track just under the Horns, this is nicely formed, if rather exposed. There’s a fine view across the coire to Tom na Gruagaich.
Tom na Gruagaich from the Horns:

The bypass wouldn’t be of any use in snowy conditions.
H on the bypass:

Once past Na Rathanan there’s a great view across to Baosbheinn – a hill we really need to revisit.

Arriving at the summit of Sgurr Mor we had a quick flypass by an adult Golden Eagle. This headed off a little and then proceeded to perform the climbs and stoops of a display flight in front of Maol Chean Dearg.
Display flight Golden Eagle:

The view of the Horns of Alligin from Sgurr Mor is one of the classic Scottish Hill views.
The Horns from Sgurr Mor:

Baosbheinn and the quiet area north of Alligin is well worth a look (and an explore) too.
Baosbheinn from Sgurr Mor:

Had some food and enjoyed the view. The windspeed was lighter than forecast. Eventually set off to Tom na Gruagaich past the Eag Dubh.
The cleft:

There is new NTS path work up on the link between Sgurr Mor and Tom na Gruagaich – reminds me to put a bit more into the NTS path repair fund at some point.
Tom na Gruagaich from Sgurr Mor descent:

Looking across to Sgurr Mor the evidence of a massive slope failure off the south of the hill is there to see. Not a day to be below.
Sgurr Mor from Tom na Gruagaich ascent:

Past our first walkers of the day approaching Tom na Gruagaich summit, sat down out of the stiffening breeze to have another snack and appreciate the view.

Camped up here in 2016 – a summit camp we’d happily revisit. There’s a fine view along Coire Mhic Nobuil of Liathach, Beinn Dearg and Beinn Eighe.
East from Tom na Gruagaich:

Eventually it was time to go, the wind was picking up and we needed to get ready for a Saturday trip to Harris.
Across the loch our previous day’s round of Beinn na h-Eaglaise and Beinn Damh looked low and small.
Loch Torridon from Tom na Gruagaich descent:

There is a knee-jangling staircase down Coire an Laoigh, once out of the coire the views open up nicely.
Along Coire Mhic Nobuil:

Coire an Laoigh is more of a wall than a coire. Above us, a Golden Eagle was still sailing round the hill tops.
Coire an Laoigh:

We dawdled, enjoying the view.

Such a charismatic area of Scotland, always breathtaking.
Sgurr Mor and Beinn Dearg:

Even from the foot of the coire there remains a few hundred metres of steepness to get to the car park. There are distractions, a lot more flora and fauna below the 400m mark.

Broom Moth Caterpillars are the harbinger of autumn – summer is at an end.
Broom Moth Caterpillar:

Across Loch Torridon:

Another autumnal sight is the orange of this year’s Bog Asphodel seeds.
Bog Asphodel:

Torridon is always great spiders – a reflection of the amount of flying bugs.

Dragonflies also get in on the bug eating act – Highland Darters are a late summer sight.
Highland Darter:

One of our favourite walks, couldn’t imagine ever tiring of it.

2 thoughts on “Beinn Alligin 31st August 2018.

  1. That view of the Horns of Alligin from Sgurr Mor is one of the best I have seen of it. Just lovely. You seem to have moved to a medium beyond the reach of the green faced emojis. Pity.


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