A quick visit to Todun. 6th September 2018.

Date: Thursday 3rd September 2018
Distance: 5km
Ascent: 360m

The weather had been pretty mixed on Harris, we’d been out and about but there hadn’t been a tempting day for any major walks.

Thursday continued the theme, but it looked like a decent afternoon so we thought we’d pop up Todun the easy way for some views.

Watched the MV Hebrides coming in to Tarbert first.

The air clarity was pretty good – the Skye Trotternish was clearly visible.

Drove over the Clisham pass and then parked up at the high point of the Renigidale road at NB 212 040. Todun is an easy climb from here up its north ridge.

Loch Seaforth stretches away to the north, before its turn to the east.

A showery day with rain visible upwind on its approach.

The Shiants are well seen from here – now nice to see after the Monday’s trip.

A few rainbows around:

A couple of Sea Eagles were flying around the hill – too far away for decent photos but nice to see.

The hill just narrows to its top ahead.

After not too long you’re there.

Todun is a great viewpoint – and has a lot of flat grass at the top so would be a superb camp spot too.

Beinn a Chaolais and Scalpay behind:

SW to Eabhal and the Uists:

The Shiants:

Neist Point:

South Harris:

Clisham and Sgaoth Aird:

The Shiants, Rubha Reidh and An Teallach:

Visibility was superb and we could see all the way north-east to Cape Wrath, Rum was just visible across Skye.

Reversed route and quickly dropped down the hill. At the road across Loch Mor we could see The Storr.

Nipped back to our accommodation, had a shower and then drove round to Scalpay for tea at the North Harbour Bistro (well recommended). Had time for a quick jaunt out to the lighthouse before our booking.

2 thoughts on “A quick visit to Todun. 6th September 2018.

  1. There was a visitors’ book in a tin box on Todun when we went

    [img]https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4556/37528885964_ba849e982a.jpg[/img] Was it still there?


  2. Good viewpoint. It’s a prominent hill when seen from out at sea.

    Incidentally Todun was the main focus of the search for Ted Jackson when he went missing in March 2014.


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