Skye and the Small Isles Trips

33495242746_8be2e08538_oSgurr na Stri – September 2006


31 May H and summit lochan inversion back b Ben Aslak over a misty Broadford Bay. May 2008.


25 Aug Trotternish ridge from Hartaval i The Storr and Hartaval. August 2008.


30 Aug Loch Alsh from Sgurr na Coinnich summit c The Kyleakin Grahams. August 2010.


04 Sept Macleods Maidens from Idrigill Point g Idrigill Point September 2009.


08 Jun Bla Bheinn from Beinn Dearg Beag f The Broadford Grahams. June 2010.


10 Jun Sgurr nan Gillean from Gillean SE ridge d Sgurr nan Gillean and Am Basteir. The inefficient route. June 2010.

10 Oct Sgurr na Stri pano d Sgurr na Stri Camp. October 2010.


05 Dec K + H Snowy Cuillins from Beinn na Seamraig d Beinn na Seamraig. A very white Shamrock. December 2010.


29 Apr Trollaval summit c b Rum on a holiday weekend. April 2011.


DSC_3025 Sithean Bealaich Cumhaing. September 2012.


DSC_3381 Whisked Oeuf to the Isles. Eigg October 2012.


DSC_6169_70_71 Return to Rum – Bloodstone Hill Camp. March 2013.


DSC_7433 Rum again – lounging in Glen Shellesder. May 2013.


DSC_2185 Beinn na Cro – little effort for excellent views. September 2013


DSC_2457 Another Rum trip – make mine a double. September 2013.


DSC_5614_5_6 Beinn Tianavaig and a Rubha nan Dunan camp. March 2014.


DSC_6152_3_4 Rum – 2 nights with a Sgurr nan Gillean camp. April 2014.


DSC_6565_6_7 Rum Meet Day 1 – Barkeval and Coire nan Grunnd. May 2014.


DSC_6728 Rum Meet Day 2 – Bloodstone Hill and Orval. May 2014.


DSC_6782 Rum Meet Day 3 – Kilmory and the ferry home. May 2014


DSC_1474 Last of the summer Rum – Orval camp. September 2014.


DSC_3245 Canna – small but beautifully formed. June 2015.


DSC_4971 Ben Meabost and adjoining hills. August 2015.


DSC_6720 Quiraing to Storr Trotternish traverse – with a wild camp. October 2015.


DSC_7845 Glamaig from the east. A wintry bimble. December 2015.


DSC_8012_3_4 The Storr – perhaps the best day of 2015. December 2015.


DSC_8503 Back to The Quiraing – the last of the good weather. December 2015.


DSC_3727 Bla Bheinn from Kilmarie. June 2016.


DSC_4146_7_8 Return to Rum – Bloodstone, Orval and Minishal. June 2016.


DSC_5472_3_4 Beinn nan Carn and Boreraig – a brief weather window. September 2016.


DSC_7209 Sunny side down – a rather Grey Eigg. October 2016.



DSC_0514Canna July 2017 – a brief weather window


DSC_4971 Ben Cleat at Elgol – unbounded laziness. Saturday 3rd February 2018.