Outer Hebridean Island and others Trip Reports

16 Jun Handa Island puffin p Handa Island. June 2010.


31 May Bheinn Mhor descent d First Outer Hebrides Trip – a windy camping affair. May 2011.


DSC_7640 Hebrides 2013 Day 1. Aird Feinis.


DSC_7727 Hebrides 2013 Day 2. Sron Ulladal and Tiorga.


DSCN1158 Hebrides 2013 Day 3. Loch Crabhadail.


DSC_8172 Hebrides 2013 Day 4. Ceapabhal.


DSC_8440_1_2 Hebrides 2013 Day 5. Beinn Mhor.


DSC_8729 Hebrides Day 6. Sheabhal and a Vatersay GoML.


DSC_8982 Hebrides 2013 Day 7. Bruarnis and the return ferry.


DSC_9680 Todun and Sgaoth Aird. August 2014.


DSC_9774 An Cliseam – repetition pays off. August 2014.


DSC_0228 Boats, gannets and an abandoned village. August 2014.


DSC_0455 Beinn Dubh – number one target. August 2014.


DSC_2083 Griomabhal – the Harris end of Lewis. May 2015.


DSC_2270 Leac Easgadail – fine off-list walking. May 2015.


DSC_2338_39_40 Roineabhal – the Southern tip of Harris. May 2015.


DSC_2476_7_8 Hecla from Loch Sgioport. May 2015.


DSC_2521 Beinn Sciathan – short and sweet. May 2015.


DSC_4110 Huiseabhal Mor, Crabhadail and Traigh Mheilein. August 2015.


DSC_4324 A circuit of Gleann Horsa-cleit. August 2015.


DSC_4667 Liuthaid – at the Harris border. August 2015


DSC_2788 Hebrides Day 2 – Suaineabhal followed by a Huisinis camp. June 2016.


DSC_2913 Hebrides Day 3 – Return to Tiorga Mor. June 2016.


DSC_2961_2_3 Hebrides Day 4 – Beinn Dubh and Luskentyre. June 2016.


DSC_3041 Hebrides Day 5 – Rubh an Teampuill and Huiseabhal Beag Camp. June 2016.


DSC_3161 Hebrides Day 6 – Taran Mor and Ceartabhal. June 2016


DSC_3395_6_7 Hebrides Day 9 – Loch Tamnabhaigh track and Cracabhal. June 2016


DSC_5132_3_4 An Cliseam – the circumnavigation of Gleann Sgaladail. August 2016.


DSC_1084Roineabhal and Eilean Dubh May 2017


DSC_1128Eabhal and Bearnaraigh May 2017


27 May Beinn Dubh pano bBeinn Dubh – the atmospheric visit. May 2017


DSC_1285A camp at Traigh Mheilein. May 2017


DSC_4723 Skye to Harris via North Uist and a wee hill. 29th March 2018.


DSC_4788 Huisinis and Beinn Dubh – two old favourites revisited. 30th March 2018.


DSC_5063_4_5 Uisgneabhal Mor in sunshine….at last. 31st March 2018.


DSC_5224 Gleann Skeudale Round. 1st April 2018.


DSC_8796_7_8 Shiants Trip. 3rd September 2018.


DSC_9106 A quick visit to Todun. 6th September 2018.


Dsc_2374  Western Isles September week – a few pictures.