Eastern Lawers hills from Inverar. March 2015

Date: Saturday 21st March 2015
Distance: 21.6km
Ascent: 1300m

Forecast was a bit uncertain as to where might be best for the weekend – Saturday looked good in the SE so we dusted off a route plan from the “to-do” list ascending the Lawers group from the north.

Parked in the Inverar car park behind the telephone box. A soundtrack of drumming woodpeckers was on in the background.

Headed south from the car park….away from the Person’s Republic of North Chesthill. 😉

Took the track out to Dericambus – the track runs straight into the farmhouse garden so we took gates to the right which lead round the farmhouse onto the hill.

There is a stalkers path zig-zagging up the hillside to Creag Dubh.

Above Dericambus:

The path becomes a bit faint in bits between 400m and 500m but it’s easy enough to reach Creag Dubh. The view then opens up.

Over Creag Dubh to the Inverar munros:

From Creag Dubh it’s an easy wander on short vegetation up the northern ridge of Meall Greigh to the munro summit.

Nice views of Ben Lawers and Meall Garbh holding snow.

Meall Garbh and Ben Lawers:

Ben Lawers from Meall Greigh ascent:

Stuck our microspikes on – some of the patches here remained quite icy at this point.

North slopes of Meall Greigh:

Up to the munro summit – suddenly there was company. Quite a lot of walkers on the hills.

East from Meall Greigh:

Ben Lawers from Meall Greigh:

Sat and had a bite to eat, enjoying the sunshine for a while. Open views towards Fife and Tayside, and a view of Ben Chonzie over Shee of Ardtalnaig – the reciprocal view fresh in our memory.

The heat was starting to evaporate the moisture.

Evaporation in action:

Headed on along the Red Route to Meall Garbh.

Ben Lawers from Meall Greigh descent:

Hot work ascending the snow fields (which had softened in the sun).

Meall Garbh ascent – view back to Ben Chonzie:

Diverted to the wee outcrop E of the summit to see the view – plenty of summit camping terrain all over these hills.

Near summit of Meall Garbh:

Ben Lawers from Meall Garbh outcrop:

Reflection in Loch Tay:

Crossed the summit to get a look at An Stuc. We had our crampons and ice axes with us…..but had no plans to head up this one.

Ben Lawers and An Stuc:

Ben Lawers and Lochan nan Cat:

Dropped off the Meall Garbh summit on its N ridge and had another break. A group of walkers passed us on the way up having bypassed An Stuc by dropping north into Fin Glen. A significant drop and climb.

As a few times before Loch an Diamh was nearly invisible – a mirror surface reflecting the surrounding hills.

Loch an Diamh mirror and out to Glen Coe:

A large group were ascending An Stuc – getting crowded.

Central Belt congestion:

After our break we continued N along the ridge to the 876m point. From here the quickest way back would be NE on the ridge over Allt Coire Thaochaidh. There are now hydro roads accessing Allt Coire Thaochaidh, Inverinain Burn (and Allt a Chaobhair).

An Stuc from Meall Garbh descent:

Ben Nevis:

Northern side of the Lawers Group:

We dropped W into Fin Glen and then down to the shielings at NN 626 448.

Fin Glen and An Stuc:


The marked track is a hydro track now. Quickly down into Glen Lyon. The frogs in the glen have woken up.

Frog spawn:

Took the track back along Glen Lyon. Unfortunately this track also runs right into the farm at Roromore (with no signage). While assessing how to get round the farm without intruding the farmer’s dogs sprinted out to see us off resulting in both of us getting nipped. The farmer directed us round the farm on the south. May consider a note to the Access Officer – a simple set of signs would prevent this.

A nice wander along Glen Lyon with signs of spring emerging before getting back to the car at Inverar.

Sunlight in the trees Inverar:

Cracking day, a quiet approach and return to these hills. Still got plans to approach the western part of the group from the north.

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